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Neucleon is a place where the spark of creation is kindled, where you learn by doing, and where making your world and its technology fit you is preferred to fitting yourself to the world.

Neucleon is like a gym; there are dues, specialized equipment, trainers, goals, and hard work. Unlike a gym, the brain and the imagination get a workout.

Hacker and Maker Resources


Tools and Equipment that are Currently Available:


Projects you can become a part of...

If you wish to have your project linked here or have a blog under the site let us know and we can set you up with some space to share photos and current progress on each project.

Help we need right now that you can volunteer to do:

Autonomous and unmanned systems, CNC, and automation

This group meets often and combines programing, hardware hacking and fabrication to develop some of our best content.

RepRap Project

Several members of the space are currently building a series of RepRaps. Interest and experience in reprap, repstrap, maker and other flavors can be found among our members.


More can be found about the build process at the links below:



Arduino Presentation

The arduino presentation will be on Saturday March 26 at 2pm.  Please bring a laptop and an Ardunio board of your choice.  If you have any current projects please bring them along so we can do show and tell afterwords.

The powerpoint for the presentation is here:


Making the The Space Useable

We started with random loans of tools and equipment, a few thousand dollars, and a lot of volunteer hours



Workingtogether. Henry Ford said: Chop your own wood and it warms you twice.



Useful things, forklifts. 

CNC Mill conversion



The CNC Mill conversion project will upgrade an very stout Kasuga CNC knee mill with an ancient Bandit controller. These old controls will be replaced by FPGA hardware and EMC2 and Axis open-source software. The computing platform is a standard Atom processor running Ubuntu Linux. More details to come on the encoders, drivers and motors being used.

Available Tools

Tools Currently Available:

3 axis vertical CNC Mill with tool changer
horizontal mill
metal lathe (12x36?)
sheet metal shear
TIG and wirefeed MIG welding machine
drill press
bandsaw for wood or aluminum only
vacuum pump
vacuum coffin
vacuum pot
paint sprayer
bench grinders and wire wheel
bench sander
cut off saw
Table saw
Circ saw
Jig saw
iron worker (metal stock cutter and notcher)
hand and air riveter
hand drills
Fein tool
wrenches and sockets and other hand tools
hydraulic "cherry picker"
electric forklift

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