Projects you can become a part of...

If you wish to have your project linked here or have a blog under the site let us know and we can set you up with some space to share photos and current progress on each project.

Help we need right now that you can volunteer to do:

  1. Get our security webcam to publish frames on our website so you can see who is here and what is up
  2. Choose and install a security and door checker/card reader system (we'll pay for it) so we can track sign ins and security
  3. Create new web content and help administer the web site
  4. Find donors for a couple of PC's to upgrade our aging fleet
  5. Approach donors for software donations for CAD/CAM/OFFICE/ etc. software
  6. Donate an refrigerator, water cooler, decent PC, or other shared infrastructure
  7. Come out help rebuild a piece of equipment
  8. Help raise funds

Current projects:

  • Hybrid-electric supercar demonstration project
  • CNC Motion System for foam mill, laser cutter, flame table, etc using open source
  • Hybrid-Electric vehicle conversion with custom embedded controls
  • Robotic Ground Vehicle Platform
  • Electric Motorcycle Conversion with sidecar - JR
  • Making the The Space More Productive 
  • Robotic Submarine
  • Ultracapacitor cell welder
  • Long-EZ Composite Airplane
  • Automatic manual gearshift control hack
  • Mobile renewable energy storage station
  • Electric mini-motorcycle rebuild

Completed Projects:

Projects people are interested in (start a forum discussion!)

  • Land Speed Record vehicle
  • Airplane engine monitor and control
  • Video Glasses for safe viewing of high power lasers MH
  • High Voltage Projects (mini Tesla coil, coil/rail gun, etc) MH (I'll got a big box full of 2.7V, 2500farad caps, yes, that is farad!, jb) Wow, 2.5kf's that's scary power :)
  • High Power Laser experiments MH
  • build co2 laser, merge multiple lasers into single beam, etc
  • USB adapter (mh)
  • machine housing for a small usb flash drive, computer interface via 4-pole 3.5 mm plug
  • create usb adapter cable with 4-pole 3.5mm jack
  • Bipedal Robot - BR
  • Internet MUD on an Arduino - BR
  • sieg X2 CNC mill conversion - zk
  • shumatech DRO - zk
  • robot control software using handyboard - zk
  • Microcontroller controlled house vent fan with enthalpy sensors - TR
  • Book/document scanning rig - TR nice, jb
  • Model airplane projects - TR
  • Composite wings, fuse, etc. - TR
  • Full scale airplane night-time advertising light setup - TR
  • Open Source AVR Programmer (plans online, just need to build) -MH